Coaching & Camps

There are a number of professional cycling coaches that makes use of the trails at Bloemendal Wine Estate. While Biosport does not offer coaching directly, we help to facilitate many camps and sessions hosted by the local coaches and experts in the field. 


GrannyGear is a cycling academy that focuses on developing the sport of mountain biking at school level. GrannyGear is not school dependent. We are open to all schools and home school children. We offer structured training in the form of group training sessions and skills training clinics.

Our training courses are designed to teach children to ride more efficiently, with reduced risk and increased confidence.  Whether they are beginners or an advanced riders we have courses that develop essential skills to make you child a confident cyclist.

Trainees will be observed throughout all stages of training to ensure that the correct skills are being developed. We try and create a safe and friendly environment for all the rides. We provide fun and safe skills development.

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Velo World is a cycling events company that offer coaching services for cyclists across all disciplines and fitness levels. Our clients include athletes form the schools’ mountain bike series, people who have entered their first multi day stage race, people who want to improve their fitness to race for provincial or club podiums, people who are new to cycling, road bike racers, mountain bikers, and more. Every cyclist can benefit from the coaching services Velo World offers!

These coaching services include individual assessments, personalised training programs, and training camps. Founder Marcel van der Poll is a UCI Level 2 accredited mountain bike coach and veteran of many cycling events, including a Cape Epic top 100 finish. Our clear objective is to make coaching accessible and affordable to more cyclists. A well-structured training plan, based on a proper assessment, and adjusted according to the athlete’s feedback, not only costs far less than you think, but it will actually save you time and money too!

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