Sport Strapping

Although we are qualified and make use of various types of strapping ranging from rigid, kinesiology to dynamic – we have learned over the years to trust in Dynamic tape for most cases.

Dynamic Tape is the original Biomechanical Tape and is a unique, strongly elastic tape designed by an Australian Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist to help manage load and to modify movement patterns. It is used widely by athletes but is equally useful in the management of other musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. Dynamic Tape is a different tool for a different job. It is made from very different materials, has completely different physical properties and is used very differently to rigid athletic tapes or the colourful kinesiology tapes that are often seen.

This design and the unique, visco-elastic properties allow it to work like a bungee cord by acting on the levers of the body aiming to provide a deceleration force, absorb load and reduce the work on injured tissues. Once deceleration is complete, the energy is stored as elastic potential energy and then reinjected back into the system to assist movement as shortening commences. This is very different to the primary neurophysiological approach described by kinesiology tapes where they aim to lift the skin to create space in order to take pressure off pain sensitive structures, to increase the circulation or to effect muscle activity via the input into the nervous system through the skin.

Tissues do not fail because of pain, they fail because of load. Dynamic Taping aims to absorb load extrinsically thereby reducing the load that the body has to dissipate intrinsically.

Biosport Strapping