Wines2Whales 2019

We are super excited to go even bigger and better than before this year with Biosport teaming up with ReCycles once again to offer support packages at the Wines2Whales events and staying true to the Biosport style - all the service providers will be highly qualified and experienced so you can relax and enjoy your race while we do our best to get you and your bicycle through it. Please have a look at everything on offer and be assured that you can expect a VIP setup for you to come enjoy and recover! 

Massages & Strapping

The massage package will include 2 massages. You will have a choice of 30min @ R330 or 60min @ R550 each on Day 1 and Day 2. Massage times can be booked as soon as you cross the finish line to ensure that you do receive your massage for the day.

Strapping will be free of charge for Double Package Clients. Walk-In customers will be charged at R50 a session. 

Book Massage Package


The service package will be done by Tech Zone and include 2 Regular services @ R1195 on Day 1 and Day 2. We highly recommend that you book your bike in for a Pre-Race Service in the 2 weeks before the race so that we can minimise any surprises at the event. The Pre-event service will cost R750 and includes the following:

  • - Wash & Lube
    • - Check Chain & Cassette wear
    • - Check & Top-up sealant levels
    • - True Wheels
    • - Check Brake Pads wear
    • - Check & Straighten Rotor
    • - Service Bottom Bracket
    • - Service Headset
    • - Service Front & Rear Hubs

Book Service Package

If you are looking for a exclusive base camp to come and relax, get your massage, have your bicycle serviced, chat to your friends about the day's events etc. book now!

All the best with the training!