Bike Fitment 

At Biosport a combination of techniques and fitment protocols are combined to ensure you ride out on your optimal fitted bicycle suited for your individual goals and needs. Having a correct fitment on your bike enhance and optimize your efficiency, performance and comfort, whether you are a professional or recreational rider. By ensuring you are optimally set up on the bike, you will prevent injuries and common aches and pains associated with cycling such as lower back pain, wrist pain, hot foot, pelvic area discomfort, shoulder and neck pain.


Every fitment starts off by making use of the ErgoFIT bike setup system that utilizes the rider’s dynamic characteristics such as training history, training load, flexibility and the discipline of the rider. It is a comprehensive assessment of the relationship between the bike fit parameters and the riders unique characteristics.

Body measurements together with other relevant data are used to generate a comprehensive fitment report, which can help determine correct bike size for first-time buyers. This is followed by a complete measurement of the bike and setting it up according to required parameters.

What puts ErgoFIT above other static fitment tools is the final and most important part of the fitment process – the dynamic fitment. Here the rider is measured while riding on the bike at certain points on the body to ensure the knees, hips and shoulders angle all fall in the wanted ranges according to the predictive measurements of the bike. This is crucial as all bodies, even though measured the same, act and respond different to movement and if not accountant for can lead to major injuries or discomfort on the bike.

Biosport Ergofit

Fitment Services

Using the body measurements and other relevant data to create a comprehensive bike fitment report which can be used for first time buyers to ensure the correct size frame or bike is bought.
Duration: 30 min
Cost: R350

The fitment report (as above) is used to determine optimal required measurements of the bicycle before unique dynamic tools and measurements customizes the bike to fit the rider optimally designed for their specific needs. Basic cleat alignment incorporated (if more comprehensive needed see BIKEFIT). Shock pressure check, handle bar and brake alignment included.
Duration: 45 min
Cost: R650
ErgoFIT for kids U/18
This includes the normal ErgoFIT procedure for children under the age of 18 years. 
Duration: 45 min
Cost: R350

Additional Bike
Once a basic ErgoFIT has been done on a specific bike, a similar or different type of bike can be setup using the same report as generated in the first fitment. (Only applicable within 3 months of original setup.)
Duration: 30 min
Cost: R300 per bike

Biosport clients can enjoy a follow up appointment if needed to resolve any questions and niggles of their fitments.
Duration: 30 min
Cost: R300
(Free within one month of setup date)


BIKEFIT is an advanced American protocol specifically engineered to address the connection points a rider has between the body and the bike. The goal of the system is to eliminate any pain and discomfort with the main focus on the foot pedal interface. Laser technology and other tools are used to measure and evaluate specific parameters of the feet and ankles and observations of frontal knee patterns while pedaling.

Side to side, front and back as well as rotational cleat adjustments are evaluated. The pelvis and hands as points of contact are also addressed.

Specific tools and accessories (wedges and spacers) are used to make any corrections if necessary.

Duration: 45 min

Cost: R450

Biosport BikeFit